Program manager

Transform strategic goals to integrated processes with measurable outcomes

Team alignment

Can explain the strategies and tactics

Everyone needs to understand the strategic goals, including the key performance indicators (KPIs) and tactics being used to achieve them.

This understanding allows team members to make progress, report impact to leadership and show their effectiveness.

If you can’t report progress to leadership, your team will not seem effective.

Programs are measured by outcomes

Programs are a collection of tasks that form a group of work that may be ongoing. The recipient is the organization itself.

For example, a program of monitoring best practices across teams will report on compliance and correlate those results with a reduction of defects.

Diligently uses a project management tool

There is no one right method of project management. Choose one and make it part of the team’s daily or weekly rituals. A single project management tool is central to the team’s work and collaborative efforts.

Don’t manage tasks and deadlines through email. Important communication needs to be placed in the system, prioritized and assigned to a team member.

Program manager

The program manager is responsible for

Operationalize the strategic goals

Turn the strategic goals into a cyclical series of actions that can be directly measured as outcomes.

Studies the organization and enables change

Program management is about asking a lot of questions, taking a lot of notes, producing a lot of charts and finding ways to map the best practices to the organization.

Reports program progress

Not simply reporting defects, but rather finding ways to tell the story of how the accessibility team is impacting the organization.

Documents their processes

Any program methodology should be shareable with the entire organization.

Program manager KPIs

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Team alignment
Program manager
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