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Copy/paste 3 month pass

$48 unlocks copy/paste from this website for 3 months, bonus content and permission to use the contents freely within your own organization.

One time charge, does not renew.

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Copy/paste/print it

$120 perpetually unlocks copy/paste from this website, bonus content and permission to use the contents freely within your own organization, plus printable versions in PDF, MS Word and Google Docs.

When you’re finding the content helpful for your program, copy/paste it directly into your own documents from the website.

Buy now: $120

Program in a box

$4850 provides all of the assets you need to operate your program and 8 hours of consulting time to help implement and report program progress to your leadership.

Anyone implementing a compliance program for accessibility will find value and inspiration in these assets.

Slide decks

Includes requirements by role and the 12 simple rules. All of the assets are designed to be generic and easy to edit/customize for any organization. The slides have spaces to add links to org specific policies and contact info. The spreadsheets are straightforward to edit/manipulate.

The slide decks for each role follow the basic outline of their entry in the book and are designed from the point of view of someone conducting a basic “intro to accessibility” training/onboarding for each role.

Slide deck presentation accessibility for developers

Accessibility score calculator

The quarterly sprint report sheet is a calculator that takes data from any program measurement sources (Ex: defects from assessments and training completion) and produces both an accessibility score and a risk score.

Spreadsheet calculating accessibility scores

Included assets

  • 8 hr consulting retainer
  • Unlock copy/paste from website
  • Access to bonus content
  • Report template
    • Quarterly/sprint target score calculator
  • To-do items for quickly importing into your project management system
    • CSV file
    • Google sheet
    • Excel
  • Slide decks
    • Requirements by role
    • 12 simple rules (illustrated)
  • Printable guide PDF, Google doc, MS Word
  • Permission to use the templates, todo-items, slide decks and guide content within your organization

Buy now: $4850

Consultant subscription

Would you like to use The Book on Accessibility in your own practice across multiple clients?

$199/yr provides guides in formats you can print on your own. Copy, paste and use as you need (from this website too) with no restrictions. 2 year minimum subscription.

  • Unlock copy/paste from this website
  • Access to all bonus content
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Downloadable MS Word document
  • Google doc

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The licensing agreement is very generous, but there are some limits.

The basic rules

  • You may only use this document within one organization.
  • Reproduction and distribution outside the original purchase entity is not allowed (without the consulting license).

What you can/can’t do

With any license from The Book on Accessibility®, you can copy/paste this content into your presentations and policies for only one company.

You cannot use it across organizations (without the consultant subscription).

For example, if you are a program manager and you want to use the todo-lists to track best practices at the company where you are employed right now, you can do that.

If you are a consultant and you want to copy and paste content repeatedly for all of your consulting clients, that is not allowed (unless you purchase the consultant subscription license).

Questions and support

If you have any questions about the license or need help with accessing content, please reach out: Charlie Triplett on LinkedIn