Workshops & training

Let's build teams committed to innovative solutions for all customers

What’s happening:

You’re not treating accessibility like a one-and-done project.

Give a team an accessibility audit and they’ll fix one product once. Teach a team how to commit to accessibility and they’ll build inclusion perpetually.

Available in person & online

Bring meaning to team retreats. Add value to your conference.

These aren’t boring lectures, these are engaging problem solving sessions. We’ll close the laptop and interact as people, learning new ways to think about the digital space and the way it’s used.

  • We’ll pick real world (and actual) scenarios your enterprise is facing and solve the problem.
  • Adjust solutions to meet available resources (not just pie in the sky thinking)
  • Help teams buy in and commit to accessibility innovation in their work

These workshops are designed to complement each other and be repeated on a regular cadence and unique to your enterprise.

Where you can see me


UX design & research

UX means creating user experience for people using assistive technology too. We’ll do the work of accounting for accessibility in user personas and focus on using actual words (instead of filler text) when making wireframes. Online training will cover similar concepts, utilizing online collaboration tools.

UI design

A more technical workshop made for designers focused on the user interface. We’ll cover the specifics of focus management, color contrast, type size, annotations and screen reader output.

Front end development

Your developers are hungry to learn and grow their craft — let’s give them an opportunity to do what they dream of: Build a tight experience from scratch using accessibility first principles. They’ll interpret acceptance criteria and apply those tests to what they build — instead of throwing it over the wall to QA.

QA testing

Good QA testers follow the plan, great QA testers plan extreme use cases, finding ways to break an experience. I’ll show your QA teams how to understand, interpret and test with keyboard and screen readers in ways that will make accessibility testing cost effective.

Product management

Product managers will come away understanding the basic considerations of accessible design, development and testing — but more importantly, they’ll gain tools for writing testable atomic accessibility acceptance criteria the entire team can use. They’ll now see accessibility as the most cost effective way to launch digital products.