Project manager

Collaborate, coordinate and track work performed by the team and partners

Project manager

The project manager lives and breathes checking to-do items off the list. They are relentless in their pursuit of “done.”

Roles may vary depending on interests and capacity, and this is intended to describe team capabilities that must be fulfilled in some way.

Team alignment

Can explain the strategies and tactics

Everyone needs to understand the strategic goals, including the key performance indicators (KPIs) and tactics being used to achieve them.

This understanding allows team members to make progress, report impact to leadership and show their effectiveness.

If you can’t report progress to leadership, your team will not seem effective.

Diligently uses a project management tool

There is no one right method of project management. Choose one and make it part of the team’s daily or weekly rituals. A single project management tool is central to the team’s work and collaborative efforts.

Don’t manage tasks and deadlines through email. Important communication needs to be placed in the system, prioritized and assigned to a team member.

Project manager

Tracks project progress for the team manager

The project manager should be able to report which tasks are on track and which are at risk of not being completed on time and on budget.

Coordinates communications and meetings

It may be necessary to spend time figuring out the right people to have in a meeting.

Send more than a generic invite. Meetings should include the purpose and itinerary for discussion.

Collaborates with other teams on shared deliverables

The accessibility team will collaborate with other organizations to accomplish enterprise-wide change.

There will be joint efforts to manage between the accessibility team and administrative teams, like DE&I, legal counsel and procurement.

The project manager follows the progress of application teams that are responsible for remediation.

Updates application inventory

An inventory of all digital applications, internal and customer facing, will need to be consistently maintained, groomed and updated as new applications are added and people change position.

Schedules delivery dates for tasks

The project manager does more than just routing requests. They act as a coach helping teammates estimate capacity and dates for delivery of tasks.

Project manager KPIs

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Team alignment
Project manager
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